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The Original Flash Game Demo, latest version 8

The Gabe's World Game, or the original version, was a flash game created by gabelossus(me). It was a platformer, in the very early development stage. There have been 7 releases to the public, and 1 just for testing. The first public release was removed. Here is the complete version history, Demo (Mid-Late 2011), and In-Devel (Late 2012-2013).

  • ==Test v1==

The very first demo was a test for gravity in the game. A character could walk and jump at insanely low speeds, and the character would appear to be halfway in the ground (though in the code he is touching it perfectly).

  • ==Demo Preview v2==

In v2 (named Coming Soon! on newgrounds), the character-in-the-ground glitch still wasn't fixed. Level switching was implemented (2 at the time, a main menu and a field of grass. Collectable cheese came along (as seen in the picture above). The player would receive 1 point for each slice of cheese. A message on the 2nd level welcomed the player to the level and showed their score. This version of the game got terrible reviews on newgrounds (blamming), and it was deleted because of that. I do not have the original source due to a computer crash.

  • ==Demo v3==

Version 3 (named preview on newgrounds) was minor tweaks to the previous one. In level 2 (field of grass), water was added. Falling in water would decrease the player's speed, allowing him to swim until he hit the bottom of the water. Doors were also added (opening a door took you to the next level).

  • ==Demo v4==

Version 4 (named preview on yousaytoo) implemented ducking and running, had some major terrain changes, along with the main menu removed. The new main menu was a chute, and at the bottom was a list of controls and new & load game buttons. The mouse cursor was changed to a face, and some collision detection glitches were fixed.

  • ==Demo v5==

Version 5 (Named 2-player update 4 on newgrounds), implemented multiplayer! The original player used arrow keys and the new player used WASD. Buttons and keys were added, they would let the players pass through locks and other things in levels. Unlike most games, if the players walk far apart, the camera focuses on the area inbetween

them. This is a glitch due to there only being one camera code line in the game, and the 2 players both shared that code line. A 3rd level was added, but all it was was terrain. No music or anything. Due to some parts of the level being curved, there were major collision glitches that let you run and jump through walls.

  • ==Demo v6==

Version 6 (Named 2 player on yousaytoo and update on newgrounds) added a whole bunch of stuff to level 3. Buttons moved levers to let players pass, moving platforms were added, a key moved a platform, and for some reason Player 2 could not collect cheese, the key, or open doors, but he could hit buttons.

  • ==Demo v7==

Version 7 added 2 more levels. Level 4 was a bunch of platforms, and again a key, leading to a chute taking you to the pre-boss level. In 7.0, Player 2 would spawn on the side or top of the level, unfocusing the camera. In 7.1, the player wasn't removed, but placed on the side of the level, and the camera's line of code for that specific level only focused on Player 1. Level 5, the pre-boss, was 2 chutes, one titled "darkness," planned to take you through darkness and having to make your way back to the top, and another one titled "Boss," and yes, I did have a boss already planned out for v8.

  • ==Demo v8==

Multiplayer was removed. The idea that 2 people would have to share a keyboard made me come up with online multiplayer. But then I thought, it's a flash game, so I removed it completely.

  • ==Demo v8.1 (Not released)==

In July 2011, I began work on v8.1. I was about to add the boss to the game, but later into July, failing to upgrade to Windows 7, when I tried to do a system recovery, it told me it couldn't recover, forcing me to format my hard drive. Even later after that and reinstalling Windows, my computer broke.

  • After Computer Crash

My source code being gone, I had no way to continue off of the demo. I had a linux laptop after that, no way to make flash games. Then I got a Windows 7 laptop. In October 2012, I began work to start from scatch, rewrite, and overall improve the Gabe's World Game. I stopped using flash and switched to SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer). As a test, I didn't go ahead and redraw my player, so I made a test character. The only planned evidence of this character in future versions is a painting of him in a haunted house level.

  • In-Devel v0.1 (Early October 2012)

The sprite is animated, but he is extremely small, and his body is cut in half during walking. All you can do in this version is walk.

  • In-Devel v0.2 (Late October)

Sprite enlarged & animation fixed.

  • In-Devel v0.3 (Late October)

Jumping implemented. It is extremely buggy, and I'm still trying to fix it. The player takes about 15 seconds to jump, and when he does, he lands on a different level than his starting point (improved in 0.3.1).

  • Indevel

    In-Devel 0.3

    In-Devel v0.4

Switched to Java and LWJGL (LightWeight Java Gaming Library). Completely recoding.

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