Gabriel Mark Lipko

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Gabriel Lipko is the creator of Gabe's World, also making his own character. His shirt says GPRODS (Gabelossus Productions) to symbolize his YouTube channel. His first appearance was in Gabe's Adventure. Gabe has dark brown hair, a green shirt, and dark red pants. His personality is being weird yet funny. He often says things and then says he was just kidding.


As of 2010, there are two Gabe's World episodes. One is Gabe's Adventure (Episode 1) and Crazies Christmas Special Coming (Short). Along with Gabe's World, there is a black-and-white cartoon known as the Crazies (not to be confused with the horror film). As a flash character, anything can happen to Gabe (explosions, broken bones, etc.). Flash is easy to work with, so a 1 minute animation only takes about 28 minutes (working at full speed).


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